Lily Kravetz

Colored Sex

Colored Sex

Logo commission for a sex-positive blog by and for women of color
Hand painted and lettered with watercolor, refined with digital brushes

Colored Sex is dedicated to empowering women of color by taking control of our sexual narratives. The vast majority of publications about women of color’s sexuality are stories of oppression, pain, suffering and victimization. Colored Sex was founded on the truth that we are more than objects of abuse, exoticization and fetishism.

Colored Sex seeks to acknowledge the entirety of women of color’s sexual lives and desires thereby shedding the oppressive sexual narratives assigned to us. Without shame, contempt or judgement; and with pride, love, hope and courage — we tell stories of love, sexual adventure, pain and joy. We tell these stories as the actor, the captain, and bravely own the choices we have made in search of erotic, sensual, soulful pleasure.

Colored Sex is was founded as an act of resistance; a protest against any person, institution or doctrine that would strip women of color of their right to be sexually and relationally gratified through any manner they choose. It is a liberation, validating the infinite vastness of sexual life within our communities. But most of all it is a light; a beam breaking through centuries laws, literature, and media that meant to limit, define, and control the brilliant erotic lives of women of color.
— Nia Brown, Blog Founder

Preliminary watercolor study

Early sketch